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Alta Langa, a territory with those corners  still to be explored, it is a place where it is easy to immerse yourself in a nature that is still wild in many aspects  to be discovered, which makes us relive ancient, intense and  pacifying.

Yurte in Langa wants to offer its guests the opportunity to find in a simple and natural way that mental and emotional well-being that we increasingly need, rediscovering the emotions and the slow pace of time in empathy with the day that passes.

The characteristics of our structure, located in an area of about 7000 square meters, guarantee a pleasant and safe stay, suitable for everyone's needs.

  The yurts are in fact arranged about 10 meters from each other, each has a private bathroom.

The breakfasts are brought in baskets to each single family group. in the dining area where there are 1 large table for each yurt.


Interno Yurta Malva

Our 5 Yurts are furnished so you can give you a comfortable and relaxing holiday,



Nasturzi ed erbe aromatiche

Our company specializes in the cultivation of unusual flowers, aromatic plants, small fruits and vegetables grown without the use of pesticides and with a biodynamic system.


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