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We are a small family farm.

My wife Paola and I have been dedicated for several years (the floricola company was founded in 1989) to the cultivation of unusual flowers, perennial herbaceous and in recent years we are proposing a range of edible flowers ranging from tropeoli (excellent) to horned violets, marigolds etc,, along with various varieties of aromatics in pots and in full land. The latter are intended for the repopulation of the spontaneous flora already present in these territories such as mauve, angelica, bear garlic, lemon balm and others.

For some years now we have planted a rose garden of ancient varieties such as: the damascena rose, the muscosa and rugosa, all fragrant from which we get an excellent jelly (excellent to taste with goat cheeses typical of our areas) jams and above all a delicate rosolio.

From this year we have also planned a planting of small fruits (blackberries, raspberries and strawberries)

To complete, on two large terraces, we have planted in place of an old and sick vineyard a large vegetable garden (about 500m/q ).

All our crops are carried out organically, without the use of pesticides and synthetic tames


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